200 W portable fuel cell based smart generator

200 € (ex. VAT) deposit*
* Full price 6500 € (ex. VAT)
Color: white

The generator produces 200 W to power smaller applications like lights, GPS and radio. This unit is best combined with batteries to provide a long-lasting and clean source of energy. It is designed for ultimate convenience, meaning the fuel cell generator is silent, simple to use, and requires minimal annual maintenance. UP200 is durable and has a long lifetime (up to 8000 hours).

The fuel cell works in parallel with a battery module, which is used during start-up and shut-down. The fuel cell acts as the main power source during operation. The unit requires hydrogen gas, which is provided by external cylinders, and adequate ventilation for oxygen supply. It is environmentally friendly and can be used in sensitive areas, including inside yachts, motorhomes and off-grid homes.

Solar panel Solar panel


Our novel solution allows you to connect the fuel cell unit in combination with an external battery with solar panels and wind turbines to produce and store excessive energy for future usage. The UP200 integrates fuel cells with pioneering battery technologies to make the generator smart. Form your own miniature smart-grid and go energy independent.


The generator delivers power on-demand, no matter the weather condition or temperature. The UP200 fuel cell can act as a battery charger or stand-alone power source.

Stormy ocean


You will never need to open the unit. No more time and energy wasted on maintenance! The compact design and light weight of the UP200 fuel cell unit maximizes practicality and makes the generator easily portable.

No Pollution

UP200 delivers an immediate injection of power without the noise and smell of diesel generators. The only by-products of the generator are heat and water vapor.

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