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Gas Management System

In addition to UP generators, we are offering a complete gas management system. For a period of over two years, we have carefully selected the best components in the world to make using hydrogen as convenient and safe for our clients as possible.

Gas management system includes:

  • type 4 hydrogen cylinder,
  • pressure regulator,
  • burst disk,
  • self-closing cylinder valve,
  • hydrogen hose,
  • quick connections,
  • pressure gauges,
  • hydrogen sensor.

Just take our preconfigured gas system and connect it to the generator – it is that simple!

For more information, send us a message!

Type 4 Cylinder
Pressure Tech

Type 4 Cylinder

CTS' cylinders are type 4 hydrogen cylinders meaning they are made from plastic liner and covered with carbon fiber. This makes them extremely durable, safe and lightweight.

At equal capacity, CTS cylinders are the lightest cylinders on the market, with approximately 30% less weight than type 3 cylinders (composite cylinders with aluminium liner) and 4 times lighter than Type 1 cylinders (steel cylinders).

Cylinders have been certified according to European Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU (CE marking) and European Pressure Directive T-2010/35/EU (π marking).

Pressure Tech

Pressure Regulator

Pressure Tech's pressure regulator is a piston-sensed regulator, designed specifically for lightweight hydrogen fuel cell applications.

With a low 0.15% decaying pressure effect, it offers accurate control in a single-stage pressure reduction. When weight is a critical consideration for your application, the LW351 is the perfect solution. Its compact size and lightweight design (down to 0.2 kg) fits the bill, and additionally offers direct mounting to the hydrogen cylinder.

Pressure Regulator
Self-closing Cylinder Valve
Pressure Tech

Self-closing Cylinder Valve

Pressure Tech's self-closing cylinder valve is meant for high pressure gas systems, offering users a quick and simple disconnect feature. When connected, it provides a continual supply of gas to the system. If a cylinder refill is required, its low torque design means it is easy for users to disconnect the valve to isolate the gas supply, even under high pressure, whilst the valve remains attached to the gas cylinder. As an optional extra, a burst disc may be added to protect the system against over-pressurisation.

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