Full Stack App Developer

Tallinn, Estonia
Information Technology


We are PowerUP Energy Technologies, a fast-growing start-up which develops and manufactures high-quality and sustainable energy generation products and solutions. With more than 15 years of experience with fuel cells, PowerUP is an innovator in the fuel cell technology market. We are looking for a highly motivated Full Stack App Developer to join our team in Tallinn and help us develop attractive smartphone apps together with a cloud backend – all written from scratch.


• Create a smartphone app and cloud backend to monitor and control PowerUP’s revolu-tionary fuel cell generators;
• Work with our UX and design team to create the app’s visuals and user flows;
• Work with our embedded software team to communicate with the generators via BLE;
• Ship the app on Android or iOS platform;
• Develop, test and maintain the cloud backend;
• Advance the renewable energy revolution at its very core.


• Solid experience (3+ years) in developing Android or iOS apps (Flutter/Dart or native smartphone frameworks);
• Experience (1+ years) in developing cloud backends (Google Cloud or AWS);
• Degree in Software Development, Computer Engineering or a related field;
• Good working knowledge of the tools of your trade: IDEs, frameworks, Git, etc.;
• Experience making smartphones talk to devices using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE);
• Experience with agile and scrum software development;
• Experience with CI/CD for smartphone apps;
• Being open-minded and looking for new challenges;
• Fluent in both spoken and written English;
• Willing to relocate to Tallinn, Estonia.


For more information regarding this position, please contact:

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