Fuel Cell Stack Simulation Engineer

Tallinn, Estonia


Be a part of the PEM fuel cell team in modelling and simulation of PEM fuel cell stacks. The engineer will be expected to develop models and simulate working of stacks for parameters which effect the overall performance of stack. The role would entail developing new tools, and methods to enhance the performance, durability and improved water management for continues operation.


* Play a key role creating 3D simulation models using CFD and delivering flow dynamics analysis to support stack design and stack components.
* Development of multi-physics fuel cell models to describe electrochemical reaction, mass and energy flow and thermodynamically behaviour to support unit cell and MEA development.
* FEM modelling in structural analysis.
* Perform case studies for evaluation and optimization of new products and concepts of stacks for space, automotive and industrial purposes.
* Check and documentation of simulation results. Analyse test results, summarise findings, and communicate to other members of PowerUP Energy Technologies including senior managers and directors.
* Development of data analytics to understand how energy storage products are used by customers and feed back into design process.


* An optimum working knowledge and experience in the design and simulation for PEM fuel cell stacks. For CFD, analysis of water and heat management in channels and understanding of electrochemistry is required (ANSYS and COMSOL preferred).
* Expertise in the understanding and prediction of faults during long running operations.
* Experience of MEA, unit cell and stack simulation.
* Ability of methodical approach to analysing simulation and test data using advanced signal processing techniques (MATLAB preferred).
* Able to provide and evaluate structural simulation of the fuel cell stack (static and modal analysis) in 1D to 3D.
* Able to present the results with physics or explanations.
* Fluent in English.
* Willing to relocate to Tallinn, Estonia.


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