Aug 19, 2020

PowerUP was chosen as the best starting SME of 2019 in Estonia

Published by: Kyle Martin
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More than 99 percent of Estonian companies are small and medium sized enterprises. It has a critical impact on the economy. These companies create the most new jobs and are innovators. In the last year, the percentage of small and medium sized enterprises has grown even more.

PowerUP is proud to have been nominated for this award. It shows that the company is on the right track. The award was assigned to the company due to rapid growth in terms of full-time employees, expansion to new markets as well as (future) expansion of product portfolio.

Dr. Ivar Kruusenberg, the CEO of the company noted: 
Some of the world’s most innovative fuel cell and ultracapacitor companies are from Estonia. We are on the way to be listed next to them. This award by the Estonian Association of SME’s is a proof of that.

Watch the award ceremony here:

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