Jun 16, 2022

PowerUp continues our partnership with Telia

Published by: Kyle Martin
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PowerUP is proud to announce that we have not only established a partnership with the Estonian branch of telecommunication giant Telia, but will be continuing our growing partnership into the foreseeable future. 

Hydrogen fuel cells as telecom power solutions

As the first step of our partnership, we tested the viability of our generators as a replacement for industry-standard diesel generators for backup redundancy power. Up until now, telecommunication companies like Telia have only had the option to rely upon diesel generators as backup power to ensure the continuity of their services and backup power for installations such as cell towers. PowerUP’s hydrogen generators present a sustainable, attractive alternative to these traditional diesel generators, and all the negative environmental impact, costly and regular maintenance, and noise pollution which come from their use. 

Testing portable hydrogen fuel cell generators as backup power

When organising the first test of generators for Telia, we decided to test their viability as backup power for one of their cell service towers. The test called for the backup generators to provide 2KW of power, and because our generators are modular in design, our engineers were able to quickly and easily set up two of our UP1K units to produce the necessary 2KW of power when operating in series. The testing took place last month, on May 4th, 2022, when we met Telia representatives at their Kangru-located tower just outside of the Estonian capitol of Tallinn. Once Telia’s power systems were integrated with our UP1Ks, the grid power was cut and our generators were the sole source of power for two hours. During this time, power loads were monitored and recorded, the test proved to be an overwhelming success. The second test of this kind will take place in the near future.

The future of clean infrastructure energy with hydrogen

We couldn’t be more excited to build the future of clean energy solutions with our partnership with Telia, and to set the example for the development of clean energy for Telia and the rest of the telecom industry.

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