Jun 30, 2022

PowerUp is excited to announce a partnership with AS Labruna!

Published by: Kyle Martin
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PowerUp is coming to Italy! At the recent Electric & Hybrid Marine Expo in Amsterdam, we signed a distribution agreement with AS Labruna which will serve as Italy’s gateway to PowerUp products and services.

Meet AS Labruna, over fifty years of marine, power, and loading engine manufacturing and distribution

“Founded in 1971 in Monopoli, in the province of Bari, in southern Italy, AS Labruna is a company specialised in three different business units: Marine, Power and Loading. 

Marine is the entity that produces and markets marine engines and generators, marine propulsion systems and marine cranes. The business includes marine engines capable of guaranteeing high performance with zero impact – this is AS Labruna’s E-vision, the maritime future that includes the Full Electric line with 100% electric propulsion, the Hybrid Systems for hybrid diesel-electric navigation, and the Fuel Cells with hydrogen and methanol as a fuel.”

It’s the last part of bio that really excites us here at PowerUp, we are always delighted to partner with future-minded business leaders who see the potential in hydrogen and clean technology. 

Look for PowerUp in Monopoli, Italy soon!

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