Jul 17, 2021

PowerUP Energy Technologies officially unveils its first-ever hydrogen fuel cell generator, UP400 for the recreational industry

Published by: Kyle Martin
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Cleantech start-up, PowerUP Energy Technologies, has unveiled their 400W portable hydrogen fuel cell generator today. Their fuel cell-based generator is portable yet durable. It emits only water vapor as it uses the cleanest and the most abundant fuel on the planet, hydrogen. In addition to that, the generator is silent, odorless, and requires minimum maintenance. 

Commenting on the launch, Dr. Ivar Kruusenberg, Founder and CEO, PowerUP Energy Technologies said, “I am extremely delighted to officially announce the launch of our first product from the PowerUP range: UP400. Since the inception of our company, we have worked day and night to develop not just an innovative product, but also a product that helps our planet win the race against climate change. Our product range is 95% recyclable and we believe we have the potential to replace heavy and noisy diesel generators with silent, compact, and smell-free generators, which will be convenient to transport and carry around. With this launch, we also aim to contribute towards enhancing sustainability by providing emission-free products which will help reduce carbon footprints across industries. “
UP400 is ideal to be used across industries such as sailing and yachting, campervans or RVs and off-grid homes. The generator uses fuel cells that work in parallel with a battery module. The fuel cells act as the main power source during operation. To fuel the generator, hydrogen is provided by external cylinders. The UP400 is priced at 6500€ with a minimum lifetime of 5000 working hours.
“We are committed to taking energy generation to the next level. Whether you own a yacht, a campervan, or need a power backup for your off-grid home, we have a powerful solution for everyone. Verily these smart generators can be combined with batteries, solar panels, or even wind turbines to create a smart grid system ” added Dr. Kruusenberg. 
PowerUP’s best-in-class portable fuel cell generators raise the demand for hydrogen refuelling stations and hydrogen in general which aligns with reduces greenhouse emissions significantly. The generators can be purchased from PowerUP’s official website: Home | PowerUP Energy Technologies (powerup-tech.com)

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