Nov 19, 2021

PowerUP Energy Technologies gears up for the METSTRADE with their new innovation: ChargeUP®

Published by: Kyle Martin
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The world’s largest B2B event for the leisure maritime industry returned to Amsterdam that witnessed over 1300 exhibitors from across the globe. 

Within this crowd of exciting innovators showcasing their latest technologies in the maritime space was an Estonian-based cleantech startup PowerUP Energy Technologies. PowerUP specializes in developing and manufacturing hydrogen fuel cell-based smart electric generators and smart grid solutions. At the METS 2021, PowerUP showcased its latest one-of-a-kind AI smart grid system prototype: ChargeUP®. 

Just like other products in the PowerUP range, ChargeUP can give you energy independence. The system essentially includes a 400W hydrogen fuel cell generator (UP400), a solar panel, a Lithium-ion battery and a 5-inch display. It also uses a hydrogen type 4 cylinder to supply fuel for the UP400 generator. All the components of the AI smart grid system are connected with controllers and converters to convert the voltage and avoid fluctuations.  

The energy produced by the solar panels and the generator is stored in the lithium-ion battery. Furthermore, the display is designed in a way to provide the user with concise information about the system. It shows how much energy is coming from the generator and the solar panel individually and if the battery is fully charged. 

In case of lack of sun or during nighttime, the AI system is trained to automatically shift the load from the solar panels to the hydrogen fuel cell generator (UP400). This gives the user ultimate energy independence as the display will read when the battery is fully charged and automatically disconnect from the source i.e. the hydrogen fuel cell generator or and the solar panel. This smart grid system is an ideal solution for maritime consumption where sailors have more than 400W consumption. By combining different up to date technologies into one,  ChargeUP allows customers to power equipment with higher peak consumptions than 400W provided by UP400 or which otherwise would be allowed by solar panel .  

Delighted to unveil the latest innovation, Dr. Ivar Kruusenberg, CEO and Founder at PowerUP Energy Technologies’ said “ While hydrogen is at the heart of what we do, we cannot negate the immense advantages of other renewable sources such as solar and wind. With this philosophy, we have created a masterpiece that could integrate the benefits of both solar panels and hydrogen in a single system. This one-of-a-kind sustainable solution is ideal for achieving zero-carbon emissions in the maritime sector. We also strongly believe that hydrogen technologies supported by other renewable technologies to create a hybrid solution are the way forward.”

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