We provide clean energy solutions

The need for sustainable backup power and off-grid power solutions is an important matter. And we take it seriously. Our patented backup generators provide zero-emissions energy at the point of need.
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Green Energy Hydrogen

Change the game with fuel cells

Hydrogen is seen as the fuel of the future. We are making hydrogen energy a reality today. Less weight, less pollution, less trouble – make the change!

Better than batteries,
more reliable than diesel

PowerUP's silent, odorless and zero-emission solutions can even be used indoors, on rooftops and in urban areas. With no moving parts, you don’t have to worry about maintenance.
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Low Maintenance
Easy to Use

Our patented electric generators are designed for harsh marine conditions, meaning you can use them in any climate, all year round. It is the perfect backup power solution for sailing boats and camper vans. Never worry about corrosion or maintenance again.

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